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Transforming basic or old homes into unexpected, color drenched works of art is my specialty. I want your home to be a trendsetter; A space that pushes the boundaries of what is possible and inspires others

to follow, no matter it's bones.

If you are here, my guess is that you want your home to be the same way, and I know how to give that to you.


White walls are for your boring neighbors.

Let's make your home a trendsetter!

In other words...



Meet Carissa
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I did not have a typical path to interior design,  but I believe that is my super power! With a background in Fashion and Graphic Design, always had a passion for aesthetics and an understanding of the power of pattern and color. It was not until purchasing my first "fixer upper" home in Dallas, TX with my husband, that I was able to harness these skills into transforming this basic, dumpy, 1970's home into a wonderland of texture, surprising details, and a fusion of all of my favorite styles. With my creative but "champagne" taste, I also found that I thrived at making the most out of my designs to completely transform a space within the constraints of our moderate budget and limited home features. 


My experience with my own home, combined with my natural ingenuity, set the foundation to begin helping others gain the confidence in making their dramatic design dreams come to life, and in 2020, brought A Bold New Hue to homes across the nation! I do not believe in traditional design "rules" because I am not a traditional designer. I believe that all homes 

have the ability to be showstoppers, and the only thing in the way

is the fear that you can not do it on your own. 

Fun facts: I am a lover of snort laughing, I'm slightly obsessed with food (I have a cat named Hotdog, and 2 dogs named Queso and Waffle), and on the weekends you can find me binging on reality tv or performing as the female singer in a 90's cover band called Topanga! 

I'm Carissa,

a color loving maximalist with a fresh perspective

on what is possible with interiors and e-design...

Meet Carissa Copy
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Big transformations mean big package offerings to make that possible!

Choose an option that best meets your  needs and budget,

or reach out to create a custom plan that works just for you!

Design Session

Zoom Call

On a budget or have a small project, but still want guidance from a designer to get your home set up for success?

In a 1 hour zoom session,  we work together to tackle your design woes and help create your plan of action! 

Starts at $250



E-Design Options

Want to turn your space into an unrecognizable showstopper that is uniquely you, but don't want to invest in traditional in-person design services? 

Let me transform your home virtually, with 3D visuals, floor plans, item sourcing, and more!


Starts at $600


Custom Plans

Are you looking for in-person design services, e-design help for multiple rooms or an entire home,  or even working on a venue or office space?

​With the V.I.P. plan, we customize the ultimate experience for you based off of your exact project needs, starting first with a FREE introductory call to create your custom quote!

Starts at $1750

Package Options
How it Works

The magic of the internet has allowed interior design to become accessible to all!

It just takes few steps from you (and a lot of

leg work from me) to create a one of a kind space that's completely your style.

Upon booking your project, you will receive an in depth questionnaire to be filled out for me to learn more about your project needs and decor style. Once I receive your questionnaire, if we have not already had a 1:1, I will be in touch to schedule a quick zoom call to walk through your questionnaire, maybe do a bit of brainstorming, and select your project start date! You will then gather any remaining materials needed by your start date!

Items required prior to your start date:

  • Photos of your space from multiple angles

  • 360 video of the room

  • Completed Questionnaire

  • 3-5 Inspo pictures of any designs that you love (does not need to be related to your specific room!)

  • Room Measurements


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Once the project is confirmed, we then need measurements to get started! It is best to send as a

sketch or mark the measurements directly on a photo.

Measurements needed:

  • Wall length

  • Ceiling height

  • Window length and width

  • Size and location of any switches or permanent wall details

  • Height of window from the floor and ceiling

  • Door height and width

  • Measurements of any furniture items that will be staying in the design



Based off of your questionnaire, measurements, photos, and 1:1, I create a 3D plan of your room(s) and start putting together the initial design plan. You will receive a rough draft of the 3D design typically about 2-3 weeks after your start date. This draft will be focused on just the main design elements. 


You will then review your draft, we will discuss any changes and updates, and I will begin tailoring the design towards your specific needs and desires! 


Add on a 1 Hour 3D Editing Session:

This is a great time to play with different paint colors and placement, wallpapers, decor pieces, and even floor planning!  I want you to walk away from that session feeling completely confident with the design direction you land on! 

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With my Totally Transform E-Design Package, you get unlimited changes. This means you are guaranteed to walk away with a final plan that you LOVE. 


Typically after the first draft, I will start selecting and adding to your item source list. These items will also be visualized in your updated 3D plans!


As we move forward, you will receive a Google Doc with clickable links and budgeting of the EXACT pieces sourced for your design plan!  ​

With each draft update, you can review and request changes to any sourced items or design elements. This is your chance to look at reviews and pricing to make sure it is the best item for your needs!



Once your design and source list is finalized, you will then take the design plan and start bringing the room to life at your own pace! ​

Your Final Plan Will Include:

  • Finalized 3D design plans showing every angle of the room

  • 360 3D Video walk through of the space

  • Floor plan

  • Sourced paint colors

  • Any specific information and design explanations to ensure the design can be implemented correctly

  • A shopping list with clickable links to your exact sourced items, including the total budget

You Can Also Add On:

  • Item ordering management

  • Accessory styling inspiration

  • Small accessory sourcing



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Purchase a Design Session
and see what magic
we can create together!


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