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LEARN Design.
CREATE a Plan.

WIN $500!

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Master Your Maximalism

5 week design mini-course and challenge

A unique 5 week design challenge and mini-course for ANYONE wanting to learn the basics of creative color, pattern, texture mixing, and mood board creation, with feedback and guidance from an experienced maximalist designer


Dining 7.JPG

Does this
sound like 


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You struggle knowing how to mix colors and patterns without it looking chaotic

You see "cool" homes and wonder how they came up with that design combo

You enjoy designing on your own, but need a little extra confidence to get you started

You love unique, maximalist design, but don't trust yourself to design like that on your own

You have a lot of ideas but don't know how to put them all together

You have a knack for design and want to see what a professional would think of your plan

You want to know how to visualize your ideas without paying for a 3D program

You keep putting off redoing a room in your home and need an extra kick in the butt to get it done

If you said "YES" to any of these...

YOU are who this course was made for!


CLOSES 5/15!


Spots Limited!


What's Included?

5 Mini-Video Lessons:

1. Color Creation
2. Pattern Play
3. Texture Techniques
4. Styling Secrets
5. Mood B
oard Making

3 Part Workbook

Exclusive Facebook Group Access

5 Weeks of Designer Guidance & Feedback

Chance to win $500

Lifetime Access to My Running Go-To Store Resource List

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Once the challenge starts on 5/15, all course materials will be available for participants to view at their own pace!

Over the  next 5 weeks,  participants will use what they've learned and start creating a mood board for a room design in their home. 

They will be able to submit progress of their board design and questions on the MYM Facebook Group, where they will receive personalized feedback and guidance from a professional designer who specializes in bold, colorful transformations. 

At the end of the 5 weeks, they will submit their final board for a vote! The winner will then receive a $500 gift card towards a store of their choice!

How it works

What you will learn



- Learn basic foundations of color

- How to create a color scheme

- How to balance color in a room

- The basics of color blocking


- What is texture?

- Ways to incorporate texture

- How to pleasingly mix textures

- How to balance texture in a room


- Learn about popular patterns

- Understand elements of pattern

- How to balance patterns in a room

- How to easily mix patterns


- Learn the rule of 3

- How to notice balance

- Basics to shelf styling


- Learn how to visualize a design intense room design simply with a mood board

- Go through my personal mood board creation process and work flow

-Discover the basics of Canva tools for interior design


Madi, 2022 winner

This was such a fun process and was really the kick in the butt I needed to get going! I loved seeing everyone’s boards! I truly loved this experience & learned A LOT.


Nicole, 2022 Participant

Loved this so much!!!!

I learned a lot and loved doing this. It felt like the Sims when you got to build your own house and this was addicting and fun!


Taylor, 2022 Participant

It's so fun and inspiring to see what everyone puts together!

What Participants are Saying...

your own maximalist
design plan in
5 weeks

by a community cheering you on along the way

from a designer to bring out the magic in your plan



Can I take the Mini-Courses at my own pace?


Of course! Once the course is live on 5/15/23 you will receive all materials and are welcome to go as slow or as fast as you need! The only thing that you will have a limited amount of time with is access to my help and guidance on any questions in the Facebook Group, which will only be available for 5 weeks after the course is live. However, you will have lifetime access to the course materials after the 5 weeks. 


Do I need design experience to take this?

NO WAY! This course is intended for anyone and everyone, no matter the level of experience.

Will this be useful if I already have experience in design?

If you are interested in growing your  color, pattern and texture mixing skills as well as how to layout a design in a mood board, AND want the chance to get feedback from a designer, as well as the chance to win $500, then this course and challenge will be great for you! All are welcome!

What is the benefit of Early Bird Enrollment?

Spots for this course are limited, so early bird enrollment guarantees you access, as well as saves you $20! Sign up for $75 vs. $95 when you enroll by 5/7!

When does the challenge start? 

The final day to enroll is 5/15, which is also the date that the challenge and course will begin! From there, you will have 5 weeks to work on your design plan and submit your final board by 6/19/23. 


Do I have to actually design a room in my home from start to finish in 5 weeks?

NO! All you will be focused on is creating a MOOD BOARD for a room in your home. This is an inspirational board that can either include sourced items or inspirational ideas. The finalized board will be submitted at the end of the 5 weeks for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree!


Can I submit a board for more than one room?

In order to have more than one room submission, you will have to purchase enrollment for each room. This is due to the time I will be putting into the feedback and fairness to other participants! All rooms can be included as separate submissions for the final vote. 

What type of guidance will you be giving me in the Facebook Group?

For 5 weeks, starting on 5/15/23, I will be available on the Facebook Group to answer course related questions and give you input and advice on your mood board submissions. Simply post your question or mood board, and I will help you as best as I can! You will also be able to get input from other members of the group, to help you make decisions on your design journey!

What if I don't have Facebook?


Unfortunately, you will be missing out on the exclusive community and access to my guidance through that group access. I would recommend signing up for Facebook simply for this aspect, and you can always delete your profile once you no longer want access to the group!


Do I have to purchase any special design programs?

Nope! As long as you have access to some sort of graphic program, even powerpoint, that is all you truly need! However, I would recommend creating an account on, as that is what I recommend for creating mood boards and have included a lesson tutorial specifically for Canva as part of this program.

How long does the actual course take to complete?

The 5 lessons total to about 1 1/2 hours of video lesson, broken up into about 10-20 minute segments, with the work book totaling to about 15-30 mins of work time! It's a very manageable program and can be easily broken up to work with your schedule!

How will I get access to the course materials?


All course materials will be available through the course portal on my website once the course is live on 5/15/23 and will also be uploaded into the Facebook Group for quick access. Simply create an account with the e-mail that was used at your time of purchase, and the course will automatically be available in the course portal on my website once it is live!

How is the winner chosen?

Once all boards are submitted, the group will then place a vote on their favorite (without voting for themselves). In the case of a tie, I will choose the final winner! The winner will then receive a $500 gift card towards ONE store of their choice!

Can I join if I live outside of the U.S?

Yes! Anyone can join, as long they are english speaking and are ok with the winning amount being in $500 U.S. Dollars.

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Course access will go LIVE and doors will close on 5/15/23!

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