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Click on an image to see highlights from the project from start to finish!

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70's Barbiecore Den + Office

This den transformation is completely insane, and was accomplished almost ALL DIY. Hope you like pink, lilac, and that sweet 70's glam, cuz it's comin for yah...

IMG_9798 2.JPG

Boho Parisian Balcony

A CRAZY DIY and RENTAL FRIENDLY balcony transformation that will blow your mind and make you want to drink some wine...

IMG_0414 3.jpg

Modern Femme Bathroom

A feminine take on modern and serene, but don't worry, there is still some amazing pattern mixing. We don't keep things basic around here...

Air bnb angle 1 render_edited_edited.jpg

Modern Playful Airbnb

A good Airbnb is all about creating a one of a kind experience and photo worthy spots at every corner. Get ready to make this Airbnb your go-to destination...

Color Block Wall 2.JPG

Colorful Miami Backyard

Who wouldn't want their backyard to feel like a Miami bungalow vacay? Grab a cocktail and check out this incredible transformation....

Backyard Before.JPG
IMG_0415 3.jpg

Eclectic Glam Bathroom

If a client wants over the top, I'm gonna give them OVER THE TOP. This guest bathroom has grand luxe, but for the eclectic maximalist, written ALL OVER IT

IMG_0420 2.jpg

Pattern Party Bedroom

This bedroom was in need of a major adulting upgrade, while still feeling bold and playful.  The result is this DIY, pattern party masterpiece...


Color Pop Boho Living

Boho does not have to mean beige and cluttered,, and this room proves that! It's impossible to not feel happy and cozy in this color pop, modern bohemian pad.

living before_edited.jpg
32_A Bold New Hue.jpg

Eclectic Modern Bath

What happens when you love organic postmodern vibes, but also  love color and vintage touches? This dreamy and eclectic primary. bathroom space...

master bath before.jpg
19_A Bold New Hue.jpg

Abstract Modern Kitchen

Blue ceiling, bold mural, post modern furniture, and eclectic tile mixing, OH MY! This kitchen makeover has it all, and you wouldn't believe where it started!

Screen Shot 2023-04-11 at 12.23.09 AM.png
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