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70's Barbiecore


Sometimes Barbie inspiration is the BEST inspiration. The goal of this Den/ Home Office Makeover was to create a space that is both unrecognizable to its previous counterpart and a time capsule for the glory of playful 70's glam....(also an excuse to use as much pink as humanly possible).

What's most special about the project is the fact that it was tackled almost COMPLETELY DIY and using leftover items as much as possible. Let's walk through the full list real quick:

- Bookcase: DIY using original Billy bookcase

- Coffee Table: DIY using plywood and trash cans

- Bench: DIY using left over bookcases + pool noodles

- Blue Side Tables: DIY using scrap wood + paint

- Built-in Desk nook: DIY Ikea cabinets and MDF

-Desk Nook Wallpaper: DIY HAND PAINTED

using tape and projector

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