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Scroll Stopping STR Design


Earn 30-50% more revenue by fusing memorable customer experiences with shockingly cool interior design! 

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My STR Design Philosophy

I specializes in turning boring homes into bold works of art. Like my name “A Bold New Hue” suggests, colorfully bold transformations are my sweet spot. I use color, pattern-mixing, creative installations, and unexpected details to create unique and memorable design experiences.

I approach design as a “gallery wall.” Each room can be its own statement with its own personality, just like a piece of art, but the placement and understanding of flow and balance is what makes it all work together! This type of design style creates an environment that invigorates the senses and gives you endless opportunities for the “Scroll Stopping” moments that will be a game changer for your Short Term Rental. 

Whether you book Full Service STR Design or Virtual Services, one thing will remain true - you will receive a design that will be a game changer for your profits AND thoughtful recommendations that will help you increase the overall experience for your guests, leading to frequent bookings and 5 star reviews!

How I Will Increase Your
Revenue, ADR & Click Rate

Create a destination that will give guests a memorable experience that they do not get in their daily lives.

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Incorporate selfie and share worthy spaces to increase social sharing and click rates.

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Make a flexible space in a theme that is on par with the needs and demographics of the local tourism.

Get extra buzz with promotion through A Bold New Hue’s social media channels and potential coverage in media outlets and magazines.


Increase Revenue
During Down Season

Bring in an alternative revenue stream during down seasons by creating bold design pockets throughout your space that will make it an attractive option as a photoshoot rental space for influencers and brands! 

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