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Say Hello to a Retro Styled Smart Speaker That Will Actually ADD to the Aesthetics of Your Space!

We all have those essential household items that make our life easier, but I just found one that’s also aesthetically pleasing!

For someone who takes so much time to make their home feel curated and special, sacrificing design for functionality can be such a bummer!

Today, we're exploring the fusion of functionality AND aesthetics in an essential household item with the new JBL Authentics 300 smart speaker, as well as how you can incorporate this stunner into your own home design! (This is a sponsored post)

The Authentics 300 is a portable home speaker that is created by JBL, the world's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of professional loudspeakers and studio monitors. With this speaker, you will get AMAZING, professional quality sound that blends perfectly into most design aesthetics!

Are you used to talking to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? NO PROBLEMO. This sound stunner is actually one of the first of its kind that can integrate BOTH simultaneously.

For technology challenged folks (like me), it also is set up through the JBL One App that makes it so simple to connect all of your devices and music streaming services, AND it has built-in Wi-Fi and a battery powered option to make it easy to move around your house seamlessly!

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - it’s cute as hell.

Let’s check out how this can be styled in your own space!

Display as a focal point on a sideboard in your main entertainment area!

Incorporate into a bookcase with all of your favorite items!

Bring out the gold metallic in the speaker design by pairing with other metallics in your space!

Clearly, this little sound gem brings the BEST of functionality AND style to your home. Want to get the JBL Authentics 300 smart speaker in your own home? Shop HERE

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