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5 Easy and "Rental Friendly" Hacks to Transform Your Patio Into a Colorful Oasis!

Are you tired of looking at a dull and lifeless patio? Do you want to add some color and vibrancy to your outdoor space but don't want to make any permanent changes? No worries! I GOT YOU!

Here are 5 easy and "rental friendly" hacks to transform your patio into a colorful oasis (no power tools required!):

1. Hang Out with Vibrant Curtains:

Outdoor curtains are really a triple whammy! They add the look of wall color to a space, help add texture, and can be used for both privacy or defining areas of the space! All you need is a tension rod to make that happen, and BOOM! Color explosion.

Not only can curtains help add a pop of color, it can also mask unwanted areas of your balcony! In this Rental Friendly Parisian Balcony Makeover, we actually used the peach curtains to create and mask a storage area behind her seating space! Love a good double duty hack!

Don't have a ceiling or wall to hang curtains from? Add posts into a planter like this brilliant DIY from Southern Crush At Home!

2. Harness the Power of Wood Palettes and Paint:

Personally, I'm all about MAJOR transformations, even for rentals. One simple way to do this, (without having to mess with permanent installations), is by using wood palettes or pre made outdoor screens to cover up your walls or even create your OWN walls.

Let your creativity run WILD with this hack! Here are couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Color Block Your Own Wall Mural:

Create a colorful DIY planter wall installation:

(Image via Pinterest)


3. Lay It All Out With a Geometric Rug or Removable Decking :

We all love a good statement patterned floor, and one of the easiest ways to bring this type of vibe to life in a rental, is with a bold geometric outdoor rug. Some of my favorites are through Fab Habitat, like this colorful pink and green rug!

Go for a colorful geometric pattern and then keep your furniture in solid colors with some black and white accents OR do the opposite! I always love a look of a black and white floor with colorful accents like this gorgeous patio:

Get the look of this outdoor space with this black and white rug from Wayfair:

Want to actually PAINT a color block on the floor? Snag some interlocking decking, and paint to your hearts desire or use a stencil on the removable decking!:

4. Light Up your Life With Battery Powered Lighting:

Add statement lighting ANYWHERE with these battery powered pendant lights! Add a shade of your choosing, hang with a ceiling hook, AND VOILA! Plus, these are super duper cheap! Now, these do not give off a ton of light, so for more effective lighting, mix in some solar powered or plug in string lights to create the perfect night time ambiance!

Get Creative With Your Lighting Options:

- Spray paint the string to be a fun color!

- Color block paint a bamboo shade!

- Mix and match colorful shades in a cluster!

- Add colorful pompoms to a basic rattan shade!

Fake A Green Thumb With Greenery Panels and Astroturf:

Going all out with greenery is the key to truly making a space feel lush AND luxe (and adding an extra green color pop is just the icing on the cake!). Use these greenery panels to cover ugly railings (like we did in this patio makeover) or use it to create your own statement greenery wall by attaching to wood palettes! Don't forget about the transformation that can happen by adding greenery to the floor with this super soft and realistic astroturf rug! Just trim down to size and lay flat!

Add even MORE color by incorporating painted palm leaves or florals into the greenery panels:


In conclusion, transforming your patio into a colorful oasis is all about letting your creativity flow and not to be afraid to truly make a TRANSFORMATION!

With these 5 easy and "rental friendly" hacks, you'll have a patio that is both fun and functional in NO TIME. So why wait? Start sprucing up your space today and get ready to bask in the beauty of your new colorful paradise!

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