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Designing an Eclectic, "Retro Futuristic" Room using Carpet One Floor & Home!

When I was reached out by Carpet One Floor & Home with a challenge of creating a mood board inspired by Retro Futuristic design, using their own carpet samples, I immediately was like, OH HELL YEAH. Retro Futuristic is pretty much my love language, and any chance for me to create an imaginary dream room with unique flooring is always a GO.

In July, I received a big ol' box from Carpet One Floor & Home filled with flooring samples (I didn't know the style samples until I received the box!), extra goodies to help with creating a mood board, and a $50 gift card to add the special touches I needed to bring my own design ideas and style to life in my board, such as wallpaper, paint samples, etc.

Spoiler - I did also use items that I already owned because I'm a maximalist, and a maximalist mood board require LOTS OF STUFF.


I was given two carpet, one hardwood, and one vinyl sample. The blue carpet and the hardwood samples were my immediate favorites, but all were really beautiful!

From left to right:


Since this mood board was going to be a flat lay with real objects, I wanted to create a rough plan in advance to work out some of my ideas and figure out what extra items I needed! BTW - I always use Canva to create my mood boards, if you ever wanted to know!

To me, Retro Futuristic (which is forecasted by Carpet One Floor & Home to be the next big trend in interiors), is creating a combo of the structural, straight line elements of Modern design with the warmth, softness, and depth of Retro styling. This means pairing a statement, structural, geometric piece of furniture, with curvy furniture pieces, lots of cozy layering, and traditional details such as moulding as well as a blend of organic, natural elements that can be present in BOTH worlds.

Board 1 Concept: Modern Luxe Femme Dining Room

The Rhythm of Life carpet sample really gave me the feeling of luxe glam when I first saw it, so I wanted to capitalize on that vibe while also incorporating the structural and abstract pieces to ground the space in the futuristic modern. Because of the emphasis on natural textures in the retro futuristic trend, I incorporated lots of touches of wood around the room, including in the chandelier, which really helps tone down the luxe glam vibe of the space. I was also incredibly inspired by this fantastic, modern geometric table from CB2 and this soft but abstract modern floral wallpaper by Drop it Modern!

Board 2 Concept: Earthy Abstract Living Room

To me, the sunflower yellow of the Point of Distinction sample really brought me into the world of the 70's, with rich and warm colors, dark woods, and organic prints. I also envisioned this space with extra cane textures to be incorporated in either furniture, accessories, or even as an interesting Japanese partition screen! I fell in love with the colors and large leafy patterns of the Belarte Studio wallpaper, which I felt was important to pair with the small dotted pattern of the carpet, for a nice contrast without feeling too busy! To bring this back in the modern world, I focused on modern terrazzo tile touches, harsh, straight lined chairs, and an abstract, structural chandelier!


Using a neutral background on the floor (as you can see in the picture..pretend you didn't see the awkward foot pic...), we started placing objects, creating a stop motion video along the way for the ol' Instagram. The most important thing for me with the boards was maintaining a sense of balance with textures, colors, and object placement.

Here you can see our beautiful set up with the light kit and tripod right in my living room. We are real fancy here.


Modern Luxe Femme Dining:

- Marble Plate: Amazon

- Tanner Chandelier: Anthropologie

- Tired Woman Painting: Etsy

- Goetz Dining Table: Cb2

- Cabinet Pull: Etsy

- Tempest Wallpaper: Drop it Modern

- Orleans Chocolate Bench: Cb2

- Japandi Dining Chair: Homary

- Candle Stick: Cb2

- Sutton Stripe Swatch: Laurel & Blush

- Paint Swatch Book: Benjamin Moore

- Swatches: West Elm and Joybird

Earthy Abstract Living Room:

- Terrazzo Blush Tile: Riad Tile

- Rattan Tray: Amazon

- Surreal Woman Art: BIG wall Decor

- Structural Candle Stick: Amazon

- Vermilion Paint: Behr

- Diamond Weave Paint: Valspar

- Petals Chandelier: Anthropologie

- Eclectic Art Wallpaper: BelarteSTUDIO

- Vivienne Sofa: Soho Home

- Pottery Wall Inspo: Arch Digest

- The JMF Chair: Forsyth

- Half Moon Pulls: Amazon

- Fabric Swatches: Joybird and West Elm

- Made for Living Book: Amber Lewis

- Sand & Fog Candle

Watch the full stop motion video below to see these come to life from opening the box to the final boards!

I've definitely been inspired by carpet recently, and the trend is only getting stronger!

Carpet is going back to its glory days of being a statement piece in the home. It adds so much more interest to a space, and truly makes it feel special, interesting, and DESIGNED.

Would you incorporate this trend into your own home??

Check out more of Carpet One Floor & Home's stellar carpet and other flooring options HERE!

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