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Maximalist Room Makeovers in my Home That Almost Didn't Happen!

If you didn't know, I started my design journey simply from renovating my home. From there I learned that I had a knack for creating really amazing transformations out of a boring space, grew my skills, and eventually started designing for others across the country!

BUT many of these rooms were done originally because I was planning on hosting an event, and got struck with the itch to makeover a particular room, for, let's be honest, the compliments. We don't often have a ton of people in our home, so being able to show off a new room and having a deadline that forces me to make it happen, is clearly a win win for me!

These are the rooms in my home that were made over last minute because of an event or deadline:

Initial Kitchen Additions - House Warming October 2016

We bought our house in April 2016 and when ahead and tackled the real kitchen renovation (which has since been updated, stay tuned for later one), but there were a few additions to the plan that we added in time for our house warming party.

These additions were:

  1. Added a built in floating breakfast nook bench

  2. Added a floating bar to the peninsula

  3. Added glass doors to the upper cabinets

  4. Added additional cabinets to the top, extending up to the ceiling.

Before (after initial renovations):


Guest Bathroom - Christmas 2017

We had just moved into our new home back in 2016, and this Christmas, we wanted to be real adults and host my big Italian family's Christmas. But of course, I couldn't let them see my guest bathroom that I hated, so I HAD to redo it. DUH.

This was one of the very first DIY's my dad and I ever tried, and we had about two weeks to do it. We both have the lovely quality of thinking that we can basically do anything if we try, so I thought it would be NO BIG DEAL to basically create a whole new vanity by ourselves! (I was wrong, but we pulled it out after many many hours and tears!)

This project was almost completely DIY, besides the quartz countertop.

We didn't have time to completely build a whole new vanity, so what we did instead was:

1. We gutted the current vanity down to the studs

2. Added a new face frame and drawer fronts

3. Opened up the lower cabinets and lined the inside with ply wood

4. Built a matching storage shelf

5. Changed the handles

6. Removed the fur down on the ceiling and add a tile backdrop

7. Added new lighting over the vanity

8. Wallpapered the back wall



Backyard - 30th Birthday - August 2018

This is still one of my favorite makeovers that brings me the same amount of joy now as it does then, even though it's been FIVE YEARS. Our backyard was trash before this renovation, but it was my 30th birthday that sparked the fire for me to actually do something about it From concept to the party was about 4 weeks. Clearly I'm all about these tight deadlines.

What we did:

  1. Fixed the concrete patio slab

  2. Painted a color blocked mural on the paneled wall

  3. Added a small wood deck/ planter walkway

  4. Removed grass to create a rock fire pit area

  5. Created a built-in planter bench for the fire pit

  6. Spray painted old dining chairs for the fire pit chairs

  7. Painted the back brick

  8. Added landscaping

  9. Added a modern pergola over the patio

  10. Purchased new outdoor furniture



Updated Kitchen and Breakfast Nook Makeover - Apartment Therapy House Tour - March 2021

I had been pretty bored with my kitchen and it just didn't feel quite like me anymore. It was FINE, so I didn't have a huge reason to change it, but when I got the chance to have my home featured on Apartment Therapy, I knew I had to make the change! And this one was completely DIY, AND ALL IN 2 WEEKS from concept to creation. My husband and I wanted to die. NGL. But this transformation is probably one of the most impactful transformations for the price. (cost about $1000).

What we did:

  1. Created and painted new flat overlay cabinet fronts with mdf board and new hinges

  2. Painted the ceiling and upper cabinets

  3. add fluted paneling to base cabinet sides and oven/microwave tower

  4. Add leftover terrazzo tile from our primary bathroom bathroom renovation to the front of the peninsula

  5. Added matching DITY printed terrazzo paper panels to the backs of the upper glass cabinets

  6. Painted the breakfast nook

  7. Painted a black and white wall mural in the breakfast nook

  8. Added new decor

  9. Added new handles



Can you imagine what my home would actually look like if I didn't commit to these quick changes?? I sure can't.

I think our home would have definitely taken a lot longer to get done without the extra push of hosting events or a deadline.

Let that be a lesson for you that hosting an event can actually be the key to finally making your home YOU.

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