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Don't forget to customize your package with special add-ons to enhance your experience!

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If you are wanting your room to be sourced and styled down to the last detail, this is the add on for you! Small accessory sourcing includes the extra styling touches such as decorative items, frames, vases, bookshelf styling, table plants, trays, etc. 



Small Accessory Sourcing - Totally Transform Add-On

SKU: 36523641234523
  • These sourced items will be included with clickable links to purchase from your google doc source list, as well as will be represented in your 3D mockup.

  • Terms of Services: This item is for 1 room. It is paid in full and non-refundable upon booking of your start date. 

    Changes: Additional rounds of changes beyond your included amuont can be added at an additional fee. Change requests may cause delays to the timeline. Rooms may also be upgraded with add on services after the start date, but will delay the final due date. Change fees will be added to the final balance.

    Feedback:  In order for us to stay on track with our project timeline and not cause unecessary delays, we require to receive feedback within 4 days. After 1 delay in feedback, you will then be charged a 20% fee for additional feedback delays, and your project's completion date will also be delayed. 

    Product Responsibilty: While A Bold New Hue will do their best to shop for high rated products, they are not responsible should the item not meet your standards once received after it is approved. It is the client's responsibility to research and review all items prior to confirming the shopping list. This also includes sizing. A Bold New Hue can only work based off of the measurements and information given. It is the client's responsiblity to double check the sizing of items for your home (you can mark it out with painters tape in your home) before purchasing, to make sure there are no issues or misunderstanding of product sizing. Should a product not meet your satisfaction upon receiving, it is not A Bold New Hue's financial responsibility, but please inform us for our records and future customers! We can source any new items for you per request at an additional fee. Some items may have a limited stock availability. Should an item run out of stock after the shopping list is received, please let us know and we can assist in finding an alternative for you within 7 days of receiving your final shopping list. These items will not be included in a photoshop mockup unless requested at an additional fee. Keep in mind that colors vary per screen. For any paint colors selected, please make sure to get a paint sample in your home to confirm that it is to your liking before investing in the paint. We are not financially responsible should the paint selection not be to your liking in person.

    By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to A Bold New Hue's above Terms and Conditions

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