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4 CHEAP DIY's That Will Make Your Home Stylish As Hell!

Are you itching to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this blog post we will explore 4 budget-friendly do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that are not only affordable but also deliver eye-catching results. From transforming pieces with paint to creating your own headboard, these DIYs are worth the effort and will leave your home looking fabulous without emptying your wallet!

  1. Upgrade old hardware with spray paint!

This is probably one of my favorite hacks that I incorporate in almost every project. Whether you have old hardware that you want to update, or if you find cheap hardware that you love but it isn't the right color, spray paint will be a GAME CHANGER!

As long as you do a nice sanding, priming (when needed) and buy spray paint that works for the material that you are spraying, the world is at your finger tips! Change your kitchen hardware to look like a modern brass or black, or even spray paint an old light fixture to be hot pink! Here are couple of examples from my OWN projects:

Spray painted piping:

Spray painted drawer pulls:

Spray Painted trash can coffee table legs:

Spray Painted Ikea Light Fixtures:

2. Paint your own headboard!

Statement headboards are all the rage, especially ones that are geometric shape cut outs! But sometimes, even DIY'ing a real upholstered headboard can be more expensive than what you are wanting to spend. So what is the solution? PAINT IT ON THE WALL. It will still create such a statement and you can get really creative with the style and size! Plus, if you get tired of it and want something new, just simply paint over it!

Make an arch:

Check out this DIY from June Motel to make a simple painted arch headboard!

Make a squiggle:

The squiggle headboard is going to be EVERYWHERE, and can easily be painted instead of upholstered! Use this tutorial from Boho Frisco to help with painting squiggles

Go dimensional:

Use some crafty color blocking to create a dimensional, geometric headboard back drop!

Paint scallops:

Use the same method for painting arches and squiggles to make your dream scalloped headboard! Stack them like below for a more deco vibe, or make a straight line of scallops for a more simple, playful and modern vibe!

3. Create a modern fluted wall with painted Corrugated PVC or Metal Panel Sheets!

Fluted walls are amazing, but doing large walls with half round wood panels can add up REAL fast. Using corrugated plastic panels can be SO much more cost effective, and give a really cool effect. Plus, it takes way less time to install! Typically this is used for roofing, but as you can see, it can be used on the wall as well! Use this tutorial for sheeting to help guide you in the process! (Remember you can always paint these sheets to remove that rustic vibe and make it modern and fun like below!

Create a painted statement wall:

Add texture to a kitchen island:

4. Update a bookshelf with Hardboard sheets to create arched face plates!

One of the biggest trends right now is arched built-in bookcases. This look is SO luxe, but can be surprisingly affordable with the right materials. Check out this video tutorial to see how this couple transformed their Billy Bookcases into Arch built-ins!

Create your own arch built-ins with Ikea bookcases:

Make a creative Isobel shelf dupe with just a faceplate:

Inspired Yet?

Embarking on affordable DIY projects doesn't mean compromising on quality or style. With a little time, effort, and creativity, you can transform your home into a beautiful and personalized space without draining your bank account. Whether it's repurposing old furniture, adding a splash of paint, or thinking outside of the box, these budget-friendly DIY projects will truly make your space SING and will make your home feel like a brand-new haven. So roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and start transforming your space today!

Want to transform your space but don't know how to make it happen on your own? Check out my design services HERE to see how I can help create your dream home in 2023!

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